The Dead Eyes Of London – Complete Live Archive 2008-2011

I will be posting all 17 recordings (eventually) that I have of the Dead Eyes; from the first show in 2008 to a practice in 2011. Unfortunately I don’t have any recent recordings, but with the band calling it quits at the end of 2014 I figured a post reflecting on the beginning was in order.

2008-01-11 Phoenix, AZ – Famous Sam’s Bar & Grill

001 Let You Go

002 Born To Lose

003 All Your Fault

004 Meanie

005 The Death Of Me

006 Kill, Kill, Kill

007 All I See Is Red

008 I Want It All

– First show for The Dead Eyes…

– Opened for Pinner and Redfield (first show since the July 2007 hiatus)

– Band played through a small two speaker PA with only vocals mic’d

– Recorded stage left, ~3ft from PA speaker

Line Up:
Chan – Guitar/Vocals

Edwardo Quintanna – Drums

Casey Brooks – Guitar

Michael John McLain – Bass



FLAC folder

mp3 folder

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