Blood Ceremony_2012-02-02 (Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy)


Blood Ceremony

w/Ghost, Ancient VVisdom



Los Angeles, CA

The Roxy


Taped by Girth Coquer


CA-14 > CA-9100 > R09 (24-bit/48kHz)

R09 > MacPro > Audacity 1.3.11 (tracking) > FLAC 24-bit/48kHz or 320kbps mp3


001 Intro

002 The Great God Pan

003 Hop Toad

004 Return To Forever

005 My Demon Brother

006 The Witch’s Dance

007 I’m Coming With You

008 Oliver Haddo



Blood Ceremony_20120202-mp3

Blood Ceremony_20120202-FLAC

~ by invisiblesound on February 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Blood Ceremony_2012-02-02 (Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy)”

  1. Thank you very much! Another great, excellent quality show.

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