Vektor_2011_11_25 (Chaser’s – Scottsdale, AZ)


Really cool cd release show. They played the entire new album and a few older songs. Good work guys! Now I just have to wait until the vinyl version is released…

w/Exmortus, Witchaven, War Head, Voltrum

Scottsdale, AZ

Taped by Girth Coquer

ST-11 > R09 (24-bit/48kHz)
R09 > MacPro > WaveEditor 1.5 (eq) > Audacity 1.3.11 (tracking) > FLAC 24-bit/48kHz or 320kbps mp3


001 Cosmic Cortex

002 Echoless Chamber

003 Dying World

004 break

005 Tetrastructural Minds

006 Venus Project

007 Dark Creations, Dead Creators

008 Fast Paced Society

009 Outer Isolation

010 Black Future

011 Forest of Legend


David DiSanto – guitar/vocals
Erik Nelson – guitar
Frank Chin – bass
Blake Anderson – drums



mp3 Folder: Vektor_20111125-mp3

FLAC Folder: Vektor_20111125-FLAC

~ by invisiblesound on November 26, 2011.

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