Some Things To Listen To

No live stuff here. I’m looking at some great concerts coming up in the next month, but for now I have nothing. In the absence of new live recordings I thought I’d post some links to some bands I’ve been listening to. A lot of times I feel like I’m late in finding out about a band, but then realize a bunch of people who would like these tunes haven’t heard of them yet either. Of course I’m not the first to find out about these gems, but just in case you haven’t been listening to these guys yet, check out:

Ghost – A new band with a mysterious past. Great stuff, but nothing completely original.

The Devil’s Blood – I can’t get enough of this band. Probably the most listened to thing on my speakers this month.

El Gran Temor -If you like their MySpace track, here’s a bunch more

Electric Wizard – New album called “Black Mass” out now. It’s A++++ material!

Deathspell Omega – New album called Paracletus out now.

Live Evil– An unofficial comp of the bands playing this very unique festival – all hand-picked by Fenriz of Darkthrone.

The Rockets– An electronic band that makes me think of both Datarock and Kraftwerk, yet they’re from the late 1970’s.

~ by invisiblesound on November 14, 2010.

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