Vektor_2010_03_06 (Chaser’s – Scottsdale, AZ)

Vektor is on the short list of up-and-coming Phoenix metal bands, and they totally deserve the recognition they’ve received. Their sound can be described as technical/progressive thrash metal with loads of old-school influence. But listening to it is a lot more fun than piling genre tags together to describe it. The one thing that might throw a new listener are the vocals. Give them a while and you might start to appreciate them. If nothing else, just listen to Forests of Legend for its sheer musicianship. It’s solid gold (hidden in a magical cauldron in a land of mist and shadows)!


Landmine Marathon album release show
w/Landmine Marathon, Red Son,The Prosthetics, Cagematch, Sorrower
Scottsdale, AZ
Source: CA ST-11 Cardioids > Church Audio 9100 > R-09 (24-bit WAV 48.0kHz)
Transfer: R-09 usb > Wave Editor 1.3 (Fades,EQ) > Audacity (tracking)> FLAC
01 Intro
02 Black Future
03 Forests Of Legend
04 Hunger For Violence
05 Asteroid
David Disanto – Guitar & Vocals
Erik Nelson – Guitar
Blake Anderson – Drums
Frank Chin – Bass
Sample mp3 (1.8Mb): Forests of Legend sample

~ by invisiblesound on August 7, 2010.

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