Iron Maiden_2010_06_17 (Phoenix, AZ – Cricket Pavillion)

Nothing to write here except they put on a great show as usual. The setlist was a little weak on ‘classics’, but considering they did all the oldies last tour and they have a new album coming out in August it makes sense.

Iron Maiden
w/Dream Theater
Thursday June 17, 2010
Cricket Pavillion
Phoenix, AZ

Source: CA Cardioids > Church Audio 9100 > R-09 (24-bit WAV 48.0kHz)
Transfer: R-09 usb > Wave Editor 1.3 (eq) > Audacity (tracking, fades) > Flac (24-bit, level 8 compression) or 320kbps mp3

Total Time – 1hr 43min 44sec

001 Intro
002 The Wicker Man
003 Ghost of the Navigator
004 Wrathchild
005 El Dorado
006 Dance of Death
007 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
008 These Colours Don’t Run
009 Blood Brothers
010 Wildest Dreams
011 No More Lies
012 Brave New World
013 Fear of the Dark
014 Iron Maiden
015 encore break
016 Number of the Beast
017 Hallowed Be Thy Name
018 Running Free

All the sound dropped out during Wrathchild, but was quickly restored

Line Up:
Vocals – Bruce Dickinson
Bass – Steve Harris
Guitar – Dave Murray
Guitar – Adrian Smith
Guitar – Janick Gers
Drums – Nicko McBrain

Photos here


sample mp3 (1.4 Mb): Fear of the Dark sample

MP3 Folder: Iron Maiden_20100617-mp3

FLAC Folder: Iron Maiden_20100617-FLAC

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  1. Thanks a lot for this one!

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