Portal_2010_05_14 (Compton, CA – Oasis Club)

Portal is not for you to enjoy. Portal is not for me to enjoy. Portal is for the space between insanity and terror. If you can identify that dark space inside of you and occupy it for a length of time the portal may open to you. What is taken away from the portal depends on what is given to the portal. Nothing ventured = nothing gained.

I stood, mesmerized for an hour, in what appeared to be a run down Mexican food restaurant in Compton, and watched Portal create an atmosphere of darkness few could dream of. The location and sub-standard sound system actually helped foster the uneasiness that made this one of the most impressive performances I’ve ever seen. And I emphasize PERFORMANCE. I think Portal’s real power is in the combination of imagery and music. It adds the necessary context for the madness. If you are unfamiliar with the band I’d suggest watching these two videos first:

w/Sanguis Imperem, Morbosidad, Nocturnal Blood, Vomit Ritual
Oasis Club
Compton, CA
Source: CA ST-11 Cardioids > Church Audio 9100 > R-09 (24-bit WAV 48.0kHz)
Transfer: R-09 usb > Audacity (tracking-NO EQ) > FLAC(24/48) or mp3(320kbps)

Total Time: 1hr 26sec

001 Black Houses
002 Larvae
003 Illoomorpheme
004 Tempus Fugit
005 Writhen
006 Abysmill
007 Glumurphonel
008 13 Globes
009 The Sweyy
010 Werships
011 Swarth

Line Up:
The Curator – Voice
Horror ILLogiuM – Guitar
Aphotic Mote – Guitar
Ignis Fatuus – Drums
Omenous Fugue – Bass

-Vocal mic wasn’t working during half of the first song

-Sound improved half way through the set


(Note: no EQ has been applied to the files, so make your own adjustments as needed for ideal playback)

Sample mp3 (2.3 mb): 006 Abysmill sample

mp3 folder: Portal_20100514-mp3

FLAC folder: Portal_20100514-FLAC

—-UPDATE (5/23)—-

Here are the same files but with some editing done to them to make things a little less muddy. I like this mix better, but wanted to get the raw version out as well. You decide which you prefer.

Sample mp3  (2.3 mb): 006 Abysmill sample_EDITED

mp3 folder:Portal_20100514-mp3_EDITED

FLAC folder: Portal_20100514-FLAC_EDITED

~ by invisiblesound on May 20, 2010.

One Response to “Portal_2010_05_14 (Compton, CA – Oasis Club)”

  1. Hello.

    Illogium from Portal here.
    I like the sound of your live recording, can I please have a copy of it with Eq?

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