My Laziness (mp3 sucks, flac rules)

It just occurred to me that a lot of my (older) posts (STILL!) haven’t been updated from mp3 to FLAC links. If you want something in FLAC that is only posted with an mp3 link just email me at and let me know. I swear I’ll update those older posts soon enough, but if there’s demand for one or another I’ll be happy to update those first.

BTW, I’ve never thought to spell this out, but you may have to EQ the stuff you download from here. I try to leave everything pretty much untouched, save for a little EQ here and there and some fades. Sometimes the low end could be boosted a bit, meaning raise the 100HZ and lower on your itunes or Play EQ controllers. Listening to this Sorrower recording is a perfect example. It sounds fine the way it is, but the bass could be pushed up a little. It makes all the difference in the world to the sound.

~ by invisiblesound on March 20, 2010.

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