Landmine Marathon_2010_03_06 (Scottsdale, AZ – Chasers)

It’s been a while since I recorded anything. In fact, the last thing was the Eyehategod/Landmine Marathon show back in December of 2009! I’m happy to return with a brand new Landmine Marathon recording from their record release show!! It was a great line-up and forced me to show up early to catch some bands I hadn’t heard before. I’ll be posting my recordings of the Sorrower and Vektor sets ASAP. Landmine was pretty incredible. I’ve only seen them twice before, and each time has had it’s unique character. This night was no different. Overall the vibe was perfect. Just the right mix of absolutely pissed off, ready to kill but happy to be playing great songs.

Source: CA ST-11 Cardioids > Church Audio 9100 > R-09 (24-bit WAV 48.0kHz)
Transfer: R-09 usb > Wave Editor 1.3 (EQ-Fades) > Audacity (tracking) > FLAC(24/48) or mp3(256kbps)

001 Intro
002 Exist
003 break 1
004 Justify the Suffering
005 break 2
006 Shadows Fed to Tyrants
007 break 3
008 Red Days
009 break 4
010 Steadfast Hate
011 Foul Revolt
012 Rise With The Tide
013 25th Hour

Grace- Vocals
Mike- Drums
Matt- Bass
Ryan- Guitar
Dylan- Guitar

—-Download—- (updated 03/26/10)

sample mp3 (2MB): Justify the Suffering sample mp3

mp3 folder: Landmine Marathon_20100306-mp3

FLAC folder: Landmine Marathon_20100306-FLAC

~ by invisiblesound on March 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Landmine Marathon_2010_03_06 (Scottsdale, AZ – Chasers)”

  1. […] (Scottsdale, AZ – Chasers) Sorrower opened for Landmine Marathon at their cd release show. I’d never heard of them. Looked them up on myspace. Saw it was the same drummer from Black […]

  2. Thanx for sharing Landmine Marathon shows here, much appreciated!
    Unfortunately the last track seems to be corrupt.

    • Ah, good catch! Thanks. I’ll re-up now. Happy to hear you’re digging some of the posts! I’ll be putting up some Judas Priest, Toxic Holocaust, and maybe some Aura Noir soon. Stay tuned!

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