Marduk_2009_12_03 (Tempe, AZ – The Clubhouse)

It’s been a long wait to see Marduk in AZ. The last time was in early 2001! The same pattern as Mayhem, strange. Especially considering Marduk was supposed to be on the Blackenedfest tour with Mayhem. This show more than made up for them not making the ‘all-star’ tour. The opening bands were amazing too! I’ll be posting those recordings soon.

Marduk used to be considered the Motorhead (or AC/DC if you prefer) of black metal. They had a sound that was instantly recognizable, and every album sounded pretty much the same. That was more or less true until the band had a renaissance when every member, except for founding member Morgan Håkansson, was replaced by 2006. Their sound was still recognizable as being Marduk, but there was added atmosphere, some slower sections, some experimentation! The success of this is evident on the album ROM 5:12, and the newest album Wormwood.

If you already missed the tour, you should be ashamed of yourself. At least you will have this recording to motivate you to see them the next time(?) they’re in town. If it hasn’t reached your town yet, by all means do yourself the favor of seeing an amazing live Marduk show.

w/Nachtmystium, Merrimack, Mantic Ritual, Anihilist, Six Million Dead

Tempe, AZ
The Clubhouse

ST-11 > CA-9100 > R09 (24-bit/48kHz)
R09 > MacPro > Wave Editor Pro 1.3 (fade, eq, split tracks)> WAV > Max 0.8.1> FLAC 24-bit 48kHz or 256kbps mp3

01 Intro
02 With Satan And Victorious Weapons
03 On Darkened Wings
04 Into Utter Madness
05 Cold Mouth Prayer
06 Still Fucking Dead (Here’s No Peace)
07 Beyond The Grace Of God
08 Materialized In Stone
09 Phosphorous Redeemer
10 Azrael
11 The Levelling Dust
12 Baptism By Fire
13 To Redirect Perdition
14 Steel Inferno
15 Wolves
16 encore break
17 Panzer Division Marduk
18 Outro

Daniel “Mortuus” Rosten – vocals
Morgan “Evil” Steinmeyer Håkansson – guitar
Magnus “Devo” Andersson – bass
Lars Broddesson – drums


sample mp3 (1MB): Cold Mouth Prayer sample

mp3 (147MB):

FLAC (882MB):

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this nice recording

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