Esser_2009_09_28 (Phoenix, AZ – The Rhythm Room)

Great opening band for the Datarock show! If you like your rock with electronic touches and plenty of danceability, UK style, then Esser is your band. I know that description can mean horrible music, but these guys are definitely worth checking out. I’d really like to see these guys do a headlining set, and from what I saw the other night I’m guessing they will be on their way to bigger things in the US. Here’s an older story with some background info.


Phoenix, AZ
The Rhythm Room

ST-11 > CA-9100 > R09 (24-bit/48kHz)
R09 > MacPro > Wave Editor Pro 1.3 (fades, split tracks)> WAV > FLAC 24-bit/48kHz or mp3

01 001
02 I Love You
03 Leaving Town
04 Greyface
05 Rewind
06 Long Arms
07 Satisfied
08 Headlock.

Bad cable caused some distortion


sample mp3 (1MB): Leaving Town sample mp3

mp3 (49MB):

FLAC (304MB):

~ by invisiblesound on October 4, 2009.

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