Repulsion 2008_07_27 (Los Angeles, CA – Henry Fonda Music Box Theater)


Well, here it is. I’ve been meaning to put this up somewhere for a year now. The decaying masters of disgusting rotten death/gore/grind, Repulsion! If you see their name on a concert bill you’ll probably be in shock, as I was. They have been around since the early 80’s but have broken up a few times, and only released one full length album, Horrified. Which is in fact a compilation of demo material, but treated like a full length. Anyways, read their wikipedia entry for a more detailed history.

At this show they opened for At The Gates on the “Suicidal Final Tour”.

Henry Fonda Music Box Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Source: ST-11 Cardioids > Church Audio 9100 (no HPF) > R-09(24-bit 48.0kHz)
Transfer: R-09 usb > Wave Editor 1.3.3 (fades, tracking, EQ) > WAV > FLAC or mp3

Scott Carlson – bass/vocals
Matt Olivio – guitar
Matt Harvey – guitar
Col Jones – drums

001 Intro
002 The Stench Of Burning Death
003 Bodily Dismemberment
004 Driven To Insanity
005 Splattered Cadavers
006 Decomposed
007 Festering Boils
008 Pestilent Decay
009 Death Dealer
010 Radiation Sickness
011 Six Feet Under
012 Schizo
013 Slaughter Of The Innocent
014 Black Breath
015 Maggots In Your Coffin
016 Horrified


Sample(2MB): Radiation Sickness sample mp3

mp3(62MB): Repulsion

FLAC(360MB): Repulsion

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One Response to “Repulsion 2008_07_27 (Los Angeles, CA – Henry Fonda Music Box Theater)”

  1. Thanks a lot for Repulsion! Church Audio mics seems the standard these days. I was lucky enough to have caught them twice.

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