BigBang 2008_11_04 “Election Night” Tucson, AZ


The US presidential campaign in 2008 was full of energy and passion, which all lead to a very exciting election night. Not exciting because of the election results, but because one of the best/biggest rock bands from Oslo played the historic Hotel Congress in Tucson! I drove out to San Diego to see them play at the Casbah in 2006, and wasn’t about to miss them only a few hours away in Tucson. They’ve taken up temporary(?) residence in Los Angeles, and often play clubs in the LA area, but luckily they ventured out on a mini-tour. If you see they’re playing anywhere near you definitely make the effort to see them live! If you haven’t heard BigBang you are missing out on one of the most soulful rock experiences in modern music. They have a new album out called Edendale, and should be released in the US soon. Check out some samples on their MySpace page. There is also a great unofficial site with a load of info and great downloads!

November 4th, 2008
Club Congress
Tucson, AZ

Source: CA Cardioids > Church Audio 9100 > R-09 (24-bit WAV 48.0kHz)
Transfer: R-09 usb > WAVE Editor 1.3.3 > FLAC or mp3

001 Johnny B. Good
002 Telepathic Interview
003 Early December
004 Head Over Heals
005 Where The World Comes To An End
006 My First Time
007 Hurricane Boy
008 Fly Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee
009 Sing And Dance
010 Welcome To The Mountains
011 Wild Bird
012 From Acid To Zen And Back Again
013 Liquid Gold


Sample(2 MB): Head Over Heels Sample mp3

mp3(112 MB): BigBang

FLAC(544 MB): BigBang

~ by invisiblesound on July 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “BigBang 2008_11_04 “Election Night” Tucson, AZ”

  1. […] can find his webpage and even more details here (with 320kbit MP3 & FLAC download). No comments for this entry […]

  2. Sounds great!! Youre doing a good job promoting Bigbang, they really deserve a break-through in the US! Im really hoping theyll make it! Seen them live 10 times, and they are my absolute favourite!

  3. This is great… thank you! Sadly, I was oblivious to their concert in Tucson (I’m in Mesa) and kicked myself for not being there.

    Several years ago I was lucky to see them play at Salt Lake Community College when they were on a free college tour. I was teaching a design class and heard the music start out on the quad. After hearing the groove going on outside, I asked the students if they wanted to check out the band. Nobody objected They were amazing! I’ve been a fan since.

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