Cattle Decapitation 2009-05-30 Tempe, AZ

2840_logoThis was my very first Cattle Decapitation experience. I’d heard their name around a lot, but never gave them a listen. Turns out I should’ve been listening to them this whole time. They rule! Insane guitar work, along with pretty unique vocals made for a great live show. I’m going to get a copy of their new album, The Harvest Floor, as soon as I can find it on vinyl.

Tempe, AZ
Blackened Fest w/Mayhem, Cephalic Carnage, Withered

ST-11 > CA-9100 > R09 (24-bit/48kHz)
R09 > MacPro > Wave Editor Pro 1.3 > WAV > FLAC 24-bit/48kHz or mp3

001 The Gardeners Of Eden
002 A Body Farm
004 We Are Horrible People
010 Regret And The Grave


Sample(2MB): A Body Farm sample mp3

MP3(64MB): Cattle Decapitation

FLAC(395MB): Cattle Decapitation

~ by invisiblesound on June 13, 2009.

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