Daryl Hall & John Oates 2008-09-07 Phoenix, AZ


Just about anyone who knows me, knows I’m really into Hall & Oates. I’ve driven to LA to see them at the Greek Theater, seen them by myself for my birthday because no one would go with me, and in this case saw them as the hired band at a charity event. Now the fact they were playing one of the largest venues in Phoenix out of the blue, without a new album out, and no other major tour dates on either side of it should’ve raised a red flag. I ignored these signs and bought two pre-sale tickets, but was confused as to why I couldn’t get floor seats. As the show date got closer I discovered it was less a H&O concert, and more a fundraiser sponsored by Outback Steakhouse!? Now in principle I have nothing against charities, fundraisers, and all that stuff. I just don’t like being hustled into buying a ticket to one.

We got to the show fairly early because I guessed, correctly, there wouldn’t be any opening bands. The scent of Bloomin’ Onions and other ‘Bonzer’ favorites was everywhere, as the entire floor section was taken up by tables people had donated large amounts of money to sit at. This is why I couldn’t get floor tickets during the pre-sale. Fucking delicious (looking) steak dinners!

The thing about H&O shows is that most all of the crowd is composed of the whitest rhythm disabled stick-up-their-ass white people you’ve ever had nightmares about, all over 40 years old, and all dressed in clothes I can only assume people wear to church. On the positive side, the female variety invariably drink way too many wine coolers, take their sandals off, and dance like they did when they were alone listening to H&O in the 80’s. It is quite a sight to see! This somewhat loosens up their middle-management husbands too. Way to go Gary!

One more thing about this crowd in particular. The band came on, I stood up, and tried to ignore the fact I WAS THE ONLY ONE STANDING!! It was a really strange feeling. Like I missed some announcement to not stand. Was I insulting everyone by standing for the band I paid $55 per ticket to see?! At 2 minutes 19 seconds on this recording you can actually hear some fucking cunt tell me to sit down after she grabbed my arm from the row behind where I was standing. I told her, “no, you’ve got to stand up” ignoring the fact she just forced me to fuck up the recording I was making, I continued to watch the concert while standing. This caused quite a bit of frustration and a security guard was fetched from the upper level. A little old lady walked down the isle and motioned for me to sit down. I motioned back negative. She persisted, and I ignored. She left, also now frustrated by my insolent act. The only scenario I could predict was that she was getting someone to come down with less muscle ointment and more muscle. Although the thought of being thrown out of a H&O show during MANEATER is hilarious, I didn’t want to ruin my recording or my girlfriend’s night out. I sat down after the song was over and hated myself for it. Daryl brought up the oddity of the crowd not being allowed to stand (at the end of Adult Education no less!) and said he saw “two people try to and they beat ’em down”. By the middle of the concert everyone was standing. Oh, and there is always an exception to the over 40 stiff white people rule. There are always a few really hot 20 something girls who get escorted up front. This night was no exception. It’s good to see Daryl and John still have some game.

I must have been flustered by all this because I accidentally stopped recording during the first song of the encore, Rich Girl. Ack!! So not a perfect recording, but the experience was interesting. And the band you may ask, how were they? They were a little more mellow than the other times I had seen them, but you just can’t beat their professionalism and showmanship!
Phoenix, AZ
US Airways Arena

ST-11 > CA-9100 > R09 (24-bit/48kHz)
R09 > MacPro > Wave Editor Pro 1.3 (fades, split tracks)> WAV > FLAC 24-bit/48kHz or mp3

001 Maneater
002 Family Man
003 Out Of Touch
004 Say It Isn’t So
005 She’s Gone
006 Las Vegas Turnaround
007 Adult Education
008 One On One
009 Sara Smile
010 I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)
011 encore break
012 Rich Girl (-cut-)


Sample: Family Man sample mp3

MP3(117MB): H&O 2008-09-07.zip

FLAC(701MB): H&O 2008-09-07_FLAC.zip

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One Response to “Daryl Hall & John Oates 2008-09-07 Phoenix, AZ”

  1. Sounds great. Thanks for recording & sharing! 😉

    Wes in Mesa, AZ

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