24-Bit 48kHz FLAC! It’s Better For You!


I’m going to start posting all new shows as mp3 as well as high quality FLAC files. Basically, if you want to hear what the original recording sounds like without any compression (which trashes some audio to make the file size smaller), get the FLAC files. From there you can downsample IF YOU NEED TO for mp3 players or whatever. This does mean that FLAC files are much larger than mp3 files. Once you go FLAC you never go back! It can be a tough transition though, so here are some resources:

Basic FAQ

FLAC Homepage

Need to be convinced about this FLAC format? Here’s a Stereophile article: MP3 vs AAC vs FLAC vs CD

FLAC on a Mac? Try using PLAY

FLAC on a PC? Try dB Power Amp

There are ways of hacking iTunes to play FLAC files, but I didn’t really like the ones I tried. PLAY is really easy to use and fits in well with the way I have my mp3 files saved seperately from my FLAC files.

I will also probably start back-filling older posts with links to the FLAC files as well.

~ by invisiblesound on June 4, 2009.

One Response to “24-Bit 48kHz FLAC! It’s Better For You!”

  1. THANK YOU!!! A went nuts, trying to get iTunes to play 96Khz/24bit using Fluke, but only got distorsion. With PLAY, the most liquid music is now soothing my shredded eardrums. This is by far the best hint of all, regarding high res flacs!

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