Propagandhi 2009-05-24 Tempe, AZ

This was my second (or is it third?) time seeing Propagandhi, but the first time this century! I have a hazy memory of seeing them at the Nile in Mesa, AZ back in…ehh..96/97? They were touring on their second album, Less Talk, More Rock. They’ve since released three more full lengths. Each one a little heavier than the last. Their newest album, Supporting Caste, brought me back as a fan 100%. Luckily for me they played a lot of the new songs at their Marquee Theater show in Tempe last night.

Although they are as much devoted to forwarding their political ideals as the music, I prefer just the tunes. I have to admit they did introduce me to a lot of ‘heavy’ ideas and different viewpoints back in my high school days, but at this point I don’t really enjoy the preaching. It was also cool to see them play with Todd Kowalski on bass, he was in I Spy! I sure as hell can’t remember if he was in the band the last time I saw them 13 years ago. I was happy to see a good turnout at the Marquee, which can be a pretty shitty place to see a band if less than 300 people show up. Everyone in the band was on point with tons of energy and, hitting all the pauses and solos perfectly. The sound was a little shaky at first, but the soundman figured it out pretty quick and locked it in for what turned out to be a fairly good recording of a very talented band.

Propagandhi @ The Marquee
ST-11 > CA-9100 > R09 (24-bit/48kHz)
R09 > MacPro > Wave Editor Pro 1.3 (fades, split tracks)> WAV > mp3

001 Supporting Caste
002 Tertium Non Datur
003 The Bangers Embrace
004 A Speculative Fiction
005 And We Thought That Nation States Were A Bad Idea
006 Bringer Of Greater Things
007 Potemkin City Limits
008 Less Talk, More Rock
009 Rio De San Atlanta, Manitoba
010 Hallie Sallasse, Up Your Ass
011 Back To The Motor League
012 Human(e) Meat (The Flensing Of Sandor Katz)
013 Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An
014 Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes
015 Anti-Manifesto
016 encore break
017 Apparently I’m A P.C. Fascist
018 Dear Coach’s Corner
019 Purina Hall Of Fame

Chris Hannah – Vocals, Guitar
Jord Samolesky – Drums, Vocals
Todd Kowalski – Bass, Vocals
David “Beaver” Guillas – Guitar, Vocals


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