Opeth 2009_05_17 Tucson, AZ

It seems that everyone likes Opeth a lot more than I do. I feel like I’m missing something. That’s why I stayed around to catch them after Enslaved played. I’ve often found myself liking a band a lot more after seeing them live. It just “clicks” all of the sudden. I’m still waiting for Opeth to click, but I like them much more now! I have to admit I’ve only heard Orchid and Blackwater Park, and then I kind of gave up on listening to them. So I’ve missed a lot of their material (8 albums!), so it was cool to hear the great mix of songs they played live. I will definitely be picking up their new album, Watershed. I’ve really been getting into Dan Swanö‘s stuff, Moontower specifically,  so I may be ready for the band he helped from the very beginning. If you love Opeth you’ll love this recording, if you’re unsure about them you’ll at least appreciate them as musicians and laugh your ass off at some of the things Mikael says on stage!

Opeth Tour Poster


Tucson, AZ
Rialto Theater
ST-11 > CA-9100 > R09 (24-bit/48kHz)
R09 > MacPro > Wave Editor Pro 1.3 (fade, split tracks)> WAV > FLAC 24-bit/48kHz

01 Intro
02 Heir Apparent
03 Ghost Of Perdition
04 Godhead’s Lament
05 Wreath
06 Karma
07 Hessian Peel
08 break
09 Closure (extended version)
10 The Night And The Silent Water
11 The Lotus Eater
12 encore break
13 Fredrik Åkesson guitar solo
14 Demon Of The Fall


sample mp3 (1MB): Godhead’s Lament sample mp3

mp3 (155MB): Opeth_20090517.zip

FLAC (1.23GB): Opeth_20090517-FLAC folder

~ by invisiblesound on May 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Opeth 2009_05_17 Tucson, AZ”

  1. Thanks for this and your other recordings, they sound great. Unfortunately I get an error with this Opeth FLAC version.

    ! M:\Opeth_20090517FLAC.zip: CRC failed in Opeth_20090517-FLAC\10 The Night And The Silent Water.flac. The file is corrupt

    • Damn! I’ve been reading about MediaFire corrupting files randomly…I’m guessing that’s the issue. I’ll post updated files soon. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Ok, I’ve replaced the FLAC link to a newly uploaded folder of files that you can download individually. I’m hoping this tactic will avoid the corruption problems that might be happening because of the large zip files.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful show
    Nice nice nice nice

  4. Was very happy to find this, since I was at this show!

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