Enslaved 2009_05_17 Tucson, AZ

Enslaved have always had their own unique sound, but I have a hard time calling them progressive. I mean can there really be “Progressive Black Metal”? Or Viking Metal if you prefer. Whatever you call it they’ve obviously developed their style quite a bit since the split they did with Emperor back in 1993. Their new album, Vertebrae, is their best work to date and has been recognized as such by fans and the media alike with Terrorizer magazine awarding it Album Of The Year for 2008, and a Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal Album 2008.

Until recently the thought of seeing Enslaved stateside was unthinkable. They just never toured the US, save for a random festival or something. Luckily for all metalheads with taste they’ve been touring like madmen! This was my third time seeing them in the past 2 years, and by far the best they have sounded. Both in terms of playing and sound system, thank you soundman! The Rialto Theater is now near the top of my list of cool venues to see bands. They opened for Opeth, but they were definitely the highlight of the evening (for me at least). Not the longest set in the world, but that’s what you have to put up with in opening slots I guess. And it was great for them to play in front of all those Opeth fans…I think there were a lot of new converts!


01 To The Coast
02 Fusion Of Sense And Earth
03 Ruun
04 As Fire Swept Clean The Earth
05 Ground
06 The Watcher
07 Isa

Enslaved 2009_05_17.zip

~ by invisiblesound on May 19, 2009.

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