Ghoul 2009_05_10 Phoenix, AZ

Ghoul followed General Surgery at Phix, which is NOT an easy thing to do. This was my first time hearing them but they had a good thrashy/death metal sound, good stage show, you can’t really ask for more. That is, if you’re into violent death/thrash metal with all band members wearing slightly bloody hoods from your worst nightmare. Oh, and also a giant ‘robot’ and mutant pig-like creature took the stage at various points, once to spray us all with ‘swine flu’. Here’s what the Metal Archives has to say about Ghoul:

The band members are intended to be secret, but it’s known that Ghoul members also play in Impaled (US). Sean “Bloodbath” McGrath being “Digestor” and Ross Sewage being “Cremator”.

The band was started to show the members’ appreciation for old school crossover style thrash metal.

The band are supposedly from “Creepsylvania” that’s located in Romania but they’re, in fact, from the United States of America.

Not to be confused with Ghoul (US) from Baltimore, Maryland.

Absolute Ghoul!


~ by invisiblesound on May 13, 2009.

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