General Surgery 2009_05_10 Phoenix, AZ

General Surgery finally played some West coast dates after all these years! They played LA Murderfest on Saturday and then Phoenix on Sunday. This was another case of a great band playing a pretty shitty dive of a venue, this time PHix in downtown Phoenix. But I also have to say the shitty surroundings added to the atmosphere and made it feel very old school. Their music is a really cool mix of Swedish Death Metal (think Entombed/Grave) and Carcass. Take a listen on their Myspace page. They played in white hospital-type scrubs with “blood” splattered all over their faces and clothes. There were a ton of flashes going off, so there should be some photos on the web somewhere.

Promo ShotDead In The West Tour

001 If These Walls Could Talk
003 Necronomics
004 004
005 Final Excarnation
006 Exotoxic Septicity
007 Virulent Corpus Dispersement
008 Ichor
009 009
010 Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
011 Ambulance Chaser

Bass – Andreas Eriksson
Vocals – Erik Sahlström
Guitar – Joachim Carlsson
Guitar – Johan Wallin
Drums – Adde Mitroulis

General Surgery

~ by invisiblesound on May 11, 2009.

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