Exodus 2009_05_03 Mesa, AZ

First of all, if you can avoid UB’s Bar in Mesa DO IT! If two legendary thrash metal bands are playing there on a Sunday night, SHOW UP! After some pretty good tunes by Warbringer and Belphegor, Exodus tore the place up with enough energy and thrash riffs to fill a stadium. I could hear/feel what everyone from the 80’s SF thrash scene was so excited about when these guys were first coming out. A great pit for those into that kind of thing, pretty shitty for those of us on the sidelines trying to drink, record, etc… But that just added to the great thrash vibe I guess. I got the Belphegor and Kreator sets as well and will post them soon.

Hordes Of Chaos Tour01 Intro
02 Bonded By Blood
03 Iconoclasm
04 A Lesson In Violence
05 Piranha
06 Deathamphetamine
07 Blacklist
08 War Is My Shepherd
09 The Toxic Waltz
10 Strike Of The Beast

* Rob Dukes – Vocals
* Gary Holt – Guitars
* Lee Altus – Guitars
* Jack Gibson – Bass
* Tom Hunting – Drums

Exodus 2009_05_03.zip

~ by invisiblesound on May 4, 2009.

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