Mastodon 2009_04_16 Tempe, AZ

How do you make 100 minutes and 8 seconds go by faster? Listen to this recording! Great show at The Marquee on Thursday night. It was moved from Martini Ranch at the last minute, apparently to make room for the massive light panel display that floated behind the band and lit up with all sorts of cool Mastodon-ish artwork and odd black and white film clips. I am a recent convert, so if you don’t like these guys give the new album a chance, then listen to this concert! They play the entire new album (Crack The Skye) for the first part of the show and then another 10 songs!!! Wow!

Note that the sound guy was on crack and the levels are all over the map…not my fault. Also, this audio recording was matched up with some video (from two cams) from the show and mixed together. The douche that mixed it (and filmed all the shaky low quality parts of the vid) didn’t give me any credit for the recording (wah), but it’s worth getting on Dime or where ever you can find it.


sample mp3 (1.9MB): Ghost of Karelia sample

mp3 (194MB):

FLAC comes in two parts (pt1=603MB – pt2=552MB ):

~ by invisiblesound on April 18, 2009.

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