Om 2007_09_19 Tempe, AZ

Hypnotic, groovy, transcendental doom? Whatever you want to call it, it’s easily smokable and very relaxing… But all weed references aside, these guys rule. ONE bass guitarist/vocalist and ONE drummer. Who needs all the other crap like guitars, backing vocals, and rhythm guitars? Get caveman, man. Tribalisitic bea(s)ts and weaving bass lines is where Om calls home. They have a few full lengths out which can be picked up on vinyl or cd at Aquarius Records. They also have some crazy limited new 7″ out on SubPop which is selling for way too much on eBay. If you find an extra copy and are willing to part with it, let me know.

Anyways they opened up for some shitbag emo band…can’t remember the name right now, but their audience talked freely and loudly during Om’s set. At one point just before the 6 minute mark on the second track you can hear a girl say she’s very scared because the singer/bassist is staring at her. Thanks for the commentary. The funny thing is I thought he was staring at me, since I was staring at him with a few mics pointed in his direction and not moving my head or talking to anyone… Also, I showed up late apparently, so the recording is incomplete and has a little more crowd noise than I like, but it’s still over 20 minutes long and the bass sound F’ing rules!!! This was also with Chris Hakius on drums still (he left the band a few months<?> later). Oh, it was Pinback headlining!?!?

~ by invisiblesound on April 15, 2009.

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