Black Hell 2009_02_27 Tempe, AZ


It’s awesome discovering a band whose music you dig, and then finding out they’re local! I saw Black Hell open for Lair Of The Minotaur back in August and was really stoked on them. This recording is from their most recent show at The Stray Cat Lounge in Tempe. They played with some other great bands, including Antique Scream, but their set was the highlight of the night for me. Their sound is like if a drugged out Clapton got really into Sabbath and Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden. Sounds like the perfect mix eh? The other interesting part is that their vibe isn’t like your typical metal band. It’s a little more ‘arty’ but without crossing into some shitty new metal genre the kids love so much these days… I get an Earth feeling from it. It’s tough to explain. Just listen!


(note: These files were updated 2009-11-05)

mp3 sample (1MB): Track 02 sample

mp3 (68MB): Black

FLAC (397MB): Black

~ by invisiblesound on March 1, 2009.

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