Kill Baby Kill 2008_04_12 Mesa, AZ

Recorded at the Hollywood Alley in Mesa, Arizona. The Dead Eyes Of London and The Unfortunates played earlier in the night. This was my first time (and only so far) seeing KBK, and they blew me away! Great drugged out garage vibe going on. I’ll definitely see these guys again if I get the chance. Check out their myspace page for more info.

Kill Baby Kill –

~ by invisiblesound on February 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kill Baby Kill 2008_04_12 Mesa, AZ”

  1. […] Baby Kill, and what a difference this time around! I believe they were a 3 piece the first time(link to first KBK recording), but have morphed into a 5 man outfit. The sound is much more complex with an organ, harmonica, […]

  2. […] a great local band that I just never got around to posting. The Unfortunates played this show with Kill Baby Kill and The Dead Eyes Of London. I was reminded of this recording when I heard the news of […]

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